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Glorious Morning Lilies A Moment In Sunlight Lotus Rising Passing Season Colors on the Lily Pond African Violets A Splash of Sunlight Little Red Flower Shed Lotus Reflections Emotions of Color Light and Texture


Arthur Ashe Reaching for the Light Reaching for the Light Eternal Waterfall Oak Roots Patterns Along the Trail Running Creek Drum Bridge in Autumn River of Dreams Sunlight on Sycamore


Natures Patterns - Rocky Mountains Fall In The Garden Emotions of Color Light and Texture Aglow With Fall Morning Sunlight on Fall Lily Pond Garden Ponds - Tower Grove Park Passing Season Snowing in the Mountains Fall Reflections Colors of Fall on the Lily Pond


Eternal Waterfall Arthur Ashe Oak Roots Planets Image Ten This Little Beautiful Planet Sierra Rose Sun Spots Harvest Moon sketch Life Boat Planets Image One


Rock Abstract 3 Abstract 52-2004 Rock Abstract 1 Rock Abstract 2 Rock Abstract 4 Abstract 39-2004 Abstract 51 Eternal Song of the Seasons Sunburst Life Springs Eternal


Rocky Mountain Stream Natures Patterns - Rocky Mountains Snowing in the Mountains Yellow Aspens Colorado Mountains What Is Life The Transition Final Trip to Colorado Patterns Along the Trail Rocky Mountain High Rocky Mountain Sketch


Evening Clouds Over the Prairie His Two Best Friends Evenings Final Glow Lighthouse Sunset Dreaming of Siesta Key Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Glorious Sunset Final Sunset Evening Clouds Over the Valley ILL FLY AWAY O GLORY

St. Louis

Barnes Jewish Hospital Drum Bridge in Autumn St. Louis Botanical Garden St. Louis Arch Skyline Saint Louis of France Giraffe St. Louis Zoo St. Louis Street Light St. Louis Statue Waterfall At Japanese Garden Zoo Trees


Metamorphosis of the New Life Lily Pads and Butterfly Last Butterfly Before Winter Butterfly Over Great Lakes Crossing The Border For A New Life Natures Fireworks Butterfly #2 Butterflies Over Abstraction Little White Butterfly Butterfly #3


Eternal Spring Spring Memories Spring Day 2001 Spring Planting Spring Bridgeton Park Missouri Spring Planting 2 Early Spring Spring Pickin's Early Spring 24-1993 Spring Impressions


The Flow of Creation Ocean Garden A Flash of Life and Color Looking for Fast Food Fish Number Five Fish number 2 Fish Number Eleven Ocean Fish Fish Number Six Masked Butterfly Fish


The Forehand Smash Frog In Studio Ballerina Reaching for the Stars What's It All About Froggy? Climbing The Ladder Serpent In The Garden Safe At Home Plate? The Struggle Vote For Me Please Hear My Prayer


We Vanish Like the Snow Flake Japanese Winter Winter Orchids Old Country Home Winter Orbit Winter Sun Winter in Bridgeton Oak Tree in Winter Snow Winter Trees Winter Trees


Sun Spots Old Fall Oak Fall Cycle The Four Seasons Small Planet Seasons Season On A Small Planet Flying To The Light Rhododendron's Creation Ghost Trees Tree Enhanced

Still Life

Laying Down the Paint Brush All Is Vanity Still Life with Violin In The Beginning Pearl of Great Price Pumpkin in a Box Joy Give Us This Day Our Daily Fruit Sunlight Shining through Glass His and Her's


Free at Last Spiritually Minded Eternal Song of the Seasons Thank God for Spring Welcome to the World Waves of Freedom Birdman of Alcatraz detail Birdman of Alcatraz detail Birdman of Alcatraz detail Can You Hear Me


Ripples on a Quiet Pond Patterns Along the Trail Sunlight Through Leaves Thank God for Spring Clouds Number Four Nature's Patterns Three Sentinels Old Tree Trunk Natures Patterns - Rocky Mountains Fish number 2


Expressions from the Garden Natures Patterns - Rocky Mountains The Road Home Expressions of Love and Peace Peace Floods my Soul Wet Land - Shaw Nature Reserve Rocky Mountain Stream Little Red Flower Shed Peaceful Refuge Evening Clouds Over the Prairie

Jesus Christ

Jesus Healing the Sick Painting of Christ I AM the Resurrection Jesus Burial Christ With Thorns A Crown of Thorns Jesus Taken up into Heaven Portrait of Jesus After The Death Of Christ The Lord is My Shepherd

Garden Pond

Sunlight on Lily Pads Interwoven Beauty Expressions from the Garden A Moment In Sunlight Glorious Morning Lilies Golden Light on Pond Lotus Rising Colors on the Lily Pond A Splash of Sunlight Blue Glass Reflections

Water Lily

Interwoven Beauty Glorious Morning Lilies Expressions from the Garden A Moment In Sunlight Colors on the Lily Pond Enjoying Yesterdays Sunlight A Splash of Sunlight The Beauty of Stillness Passing Season Golden Light on Lilies


The Last Mile Running Creek The Good Shepherd Saint Louis City Art Museum The Abstraction of Beauty The Road Through The Valley Fall in Missouri Quiet Cove Fall Tree Tops Sun Rain and Clouds


Palette Abstraction #3 Solar Power Butterfly Over Great Lakes Tree Abstraction #6 Tree Abstraction #1 Tree Abstraction Tree Abstraction #3 Tree Abstraction #4 Tree Abstraction #5 Tree Abstraction #7


Suspended Amongst Natures Beauty Highway 1 Bridge The Flow of Creation Dreaming of Siesta Key California Coastline Lighthouse Sunset Pebble Beach California off Hwy One Shining a Light on the Mystery Alien


Oak Roots Arthur Ashe Planets Image Ten This Little Beautiful Planet Ballerina Reaching for the Stars Our Little Blue Planet Upward Bound Celestial Spheres This Little Blue Planet Moon Over New Planet

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